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Brake Unloaded castors - advised for use by health and safety inspectors.

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We get many calls from hospitals, doctors surgeries, labs and supermarkets asking for speciality castors like 'castors that allow a chair to be static until it is sat on'. They have been asked by safety officers to source such castors but mostly do no know the name of them. The reason they want these is because accidents can happen in the work place when someone starts to sit on a chair with freewheeling castors and the chair moves away from them as they are doing this, resulting in them falling onto the floor! If you replace your free wheeling castors with Brake Unloaded castors it will eliminate this from happening. A castor that is Brake unloaded will remain 'still' whilst it is 'unloaded' (not sat on), the brakes release once the chair is sat on and it becomes freewheeling whilst sat on. As soon as you stand up the brake comes on again. It is not a visible brake, it all works seamlessly internally. Don't just take our word for it, try them and help prevent accidents in the work place.

The importance of adjustable feet

We supply lots of different adjustable feet to suit different applications, with various lengths of stems and different sized bases. There is no need to keep putting those screwed up bits of paper under your feet, buy replacement adjustable feet from us. We are specialists in supplying adjustable feet to both the commercial and domestic sector, [...]

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What's the Perfect Gift for a Gardener?

With spring approaching the green fingered ones of us will be eager to get out into the garden to make a start on their flower beds and pots. At Castors Unlimited we sell a novelty little item for you - tool stools.Our tool stools are the perfect gift for any gardener as they really do help with [...]

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Replace your broken screw in washing machine feet with new ones, to prevent damage to your floors

If you are in the process of moving home or have recently moved it is possible that you have caused damage to the feet on your washing machine. By dragging them out of position and pushing them back under the counter, if the feet are old and weak, the brittle plastic sometimes shatters leaving a [...]

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Measuring the Inside and Outside Diameter

With over 50 different chair feet and sizes available, we can understand that the sizes may sometimes be hard to understand and it's difficult to know exactly what chair feet you need. This blog has been designed to tell you how to successfully measure the inside and outside diameter of your insert. If you are [...]

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Tired or broken wheels on your divan bed can be replaced

Many bed manufacturers use a standard 50mm twin wheel castor on their Divan Bed Bases. You can check yours by simply pulling one out of your bed base, and measuring it, does it look like this with a stem like this. If so you can simply buy replacements from our website. This link is for the Hard Tyre [...]

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Adjustable Feet and Their Applications.

We are specialists in supplying adjustable feet to both the commercial and domestic sector, each and every one used for a different application. With lots of adjustable feet to choose from in various shapes and sizes, our feet are constantly flying off the shelf! Whether it be for a broken washing machine that has lost a [...]

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Measuring Stems

Measuring your stem is always a difficult one - the recommend tool to measure your stem is a set of vernier scales but not everyone has these in their draw at home so sometimes a standard ruler has to do!It is very important to measure your stem accurately to ensure the stem fits into your [...]

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Soft or Hard Castor?

With over 30 + calls coming in a day, we asked our customer services team, what is the most common question you get asked? The most commonly asked question to our team is 'how we do know if we need a hard or soft castor?'. As we get asked this question so often we thought we [...]

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Calling all Hairdressers, are your chair wheels getting clogged up with your clients hair? We can solve your problem....

We often get calls from hairdressers and beauty salons complaining about the chairs becoming almost impossible to wheel around the salon because the wheels/castors have become clogged up with hair off the floor. We have been asked if there is way to remove the hair by prizing open the castor, unfortunately this is not an [...]

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