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Soft or Hard Castor?

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With over 30 + calls coming in a day, we asked our customer services team, what is the most common question you get asked? 

The most commonly asked question to our team is 'how we do know if we need a hard or soft castor?'. As we get asked this question so often we thought we would write a short blog and answer the question for those of you who are pondering. 

It's easy to tell what type of castor you need depending on the type of floor your application is on. 

If you have any of the below flooring: 

  • Tiles
  • Laminate
  • Oak
  • Granite
  • Bamboo
  • Stone
  • Vinyl 

Then the type of castor you need is SOFT. The reason why a soft castor is suited better to the above flooring is, it will reduce noise pollution, prevent scratching and won't leave any marks. A hard castor is not suitable as it may mark the floor, create a lot of noise when moved and potentially ruin your lovely hard flooring. Act now and get our soft castors on your appliances. A castor is cheaper than a new floor!

If you have any of the below flooring: 

  • Carpet
  • Rugs
  • Mats
  • Linoleum
  • Cork 

Then the type of castor you need is HARD. The reason why a hard castor is more suitable than a soft, is that the rubber used on a soft castor may cause friction between the castor and the flooring making it difficult to glide and move the appliance. Hard castors will not pick up things as easily such as hair, pet fur and other debris - meaning hard castors will last longer on soft flooring than a soft tyred castor. 

We hope this gives you a clear idea of what castor is right for your application - if you're unsure drop us an email info@castorsunlimited.co.uk or give us a call 01362 685148. 

One of our 50mm Soft Castors.