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Measuring the Inside and Outside Diameter

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With over 50 different chair feet and sizes available, we can understand that the sizes may sometimes be hard to understand and it's difficult to know exactly what chair feet you need. This blog has been designed to tell you how to successfully measure the inside and outside diameter of your insert. If you are still unsure, you can send it directly to us to measure and source a replacement. Although we have lots and lots of different chair feet and ferrules, we cannot 100% guarantee we will have your type of foot in. 

To discover what chair foot is right for you is to firstly establish what product group you need, whether its inserts, ferrules or domed feet. All of the sizes on our website starts with tube outside diameter measurement first. To find the product you require, measure from the outside to outside across the centre of the tube. Once you have measured the outside, now do the same with the inside. Take the outside diameter and subtract the inside diameter then divide it by 2. This will give you the thickness of your tube. 

When you have selected the shape of the insert (which go inside the tube) or the ferrule (which go outside thetube), the different size options will be shown using the drop down. The first measurement shown is the outside diameter (OD) of the tube and the last numbers represent the thickness of the tube that it will fit. For example inserts are ribbed. They have 2 measurements to show the variance in the wall thickness e.g. 19mm x 2.0/1.5 insert. The 19mm is the outside diameter measurement (OD). The 2.0 is the thickest tube wall thickness it will fit and the 1.5 is the thinnest tube wall thickness it will fit.

We hope this blog has proved helpful and you can easily navigate around our site to find the right chair insert for you.

Click on this link here: http://www.castorsunlimited.co.uk/tube-ends-inserts-and-ferrules/ to see more.

Diagram for a tube.