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Measuring Stems

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Measuring your stem is always a difficult one - the recommend tool to measure your stem is a set of vernier scales but not everyone has these in their draw at home so sometimes a standard ruler has to do!

It is very important to measure your stem accurately to ensure the stem fits into your chair or application.To ensure you order the correct stem size follow these simple steps. Measure the length of the stem that is coming out of the castor. The stem picture is a 11mm x 22mm, the reason being for this is that the width is 11mm and the stem length is 22mm. Always ensure you measure the widest part of the stem. If you have Vernier scales, this is a very accurate way of measuring the stems. (Shown in picture below)

We supply both threaded (screw-in) and circlip stems (push-in).  

The range of circlip / push in stems we do are: 

for 50/65/75mm Castors

10mm x 22mm 

10mm x 30mm

11mm x 22mm

The range of theaded / screw in stems we do are: 

for 50/65/75mm Castors

M8 x 15mm

M8 x 20mm

M10 x 15mm 

M10 x 20mm

M10 x 25mm

M10 x 30mm

M10 x 40mm

M12 x 20mm