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Adjustable Feet and Their Applications.

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We are specialists in supplying adjustable feet to both the commercial and domestic sector, each and every one used for a different application. 

With lots of adjustable feet to choose from in various shapes and sizes, our feet are constantly flying off the shelf! Whether it be for a broken washing machine that has lost a leg or it be to revamp a stationery cupboard, we're sure we will have something just for you. 

This blog will give you an insight into a few of our adjustable feet and what their common uses are. 

Heavy Duty Tilt Feet - They are heavy duty feet that can take a massive weight loading of 100KG per foot. These adjusters are great where the floor surface is uneven and where making the item perfectly level is important. 

Common Uses include: - Machinery, portable telescope mount, stands, conveyor belt systems.

Serated Adjusters - This type of adjuster have a ribbed outer edge allowing easy grip. They take a weight loading of 500KG per foot. These adjusters are fantastic where your tight on space. 

Common Uses include: - Handles on draws, cabinets, stools.

Hexagonal Adjusters - These adjusters have a hexagonal base and taker a weight loading of 250KG per foot. These are ideal for small appliances or projects. 

Common Uses include: - washing machines, desks. 

They are just a few of our adjusters and some of their more common uses. You can see all of our different feet by clicking here

If you're not quite sure what type of adjustable foot you need for your application, why not give us a call or drop us an email and we will help you.

Serated Adjuster Hexagonal Adjuster