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Calling all Hairdressers, are your chair wheels getting clogged up with your clients hair? We can solve your problem....


We often get calls from hairdressers and beauty salons complaining about the chairs becoming almost impossible to wheel around the salon because the wheels/castors have become clogged up with hair off the floor. We have been asked if there is way to remove the hair by prizing open the castor, unfortunately this is not an option due the way the castors are pneumatically pressed together for safe usage. Some salon owners have wasted hours removing the hair with scissors and tweezers. We have a solution that will not waste much of your time and not cost a fortune, and its a lot cheaper than replacing your chairs each time. We can supply you with replacement castors. Simply pull out the old ones and pop in some new ones! We sell a range or different castors to suit in 50mm or 65mm. The one important thing you have to do is ascertain the stem size of your current castor as there are universally two different ones 11mm or 10mm. Once you have established this we can supply replacements. You can also choose from soft or hard tyres, you may have Hard tyres which you find slide round on the salon floors, you can replace them with a soft tyred castors which will grip the hard floors better and prevent some sliding from occuring.



Revive your old school chairs using our Domed plastic school chair feet

With the school summer holidays fast approaching, all the caretakers out there will be having the damaged and scratched school floors sanded and re-sealed. If you are going to all this trouble and expense you should really be looking at the main cause of the scratching.............when your chairs and tables are dragged across the floor [...]

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March Newsletter 2014

March Newsletter 2014 As a welcome and an introduction to our first newsletter, I thought we would write a few words about our business and how we started. We found that across the UK there were only castor suppliers who limited their customers to ridiculous minimum orders, incredibly high prices or other unfair restrictions to a fair sale. So we [...]

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