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What's the Perfect Gift for a Gardener?

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With spring approaching the green fingered ones of us will be eager to get out into the garden to make a start on their flower beds and pots. At Castors Unlimited we sell a novelty little item for you - tool stools.

Our tool stools are the perfect gift for any gardener as they really do help with conquering that garden that's been abandoned over the cold months of winter. Not only does the tool stool give you a place to put your tools once you've finished for the day, but it also makes the perfect place for you to sit and admire your handiwork

You attach the bag to the frame by press studs. The bag has it's own handles so you can take it off the frame and carry it around with you. There are plenty of pockets for a variety of tools so you'll never need to lose one along the way! 

View our tool stools here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fallen-Fruits-Garden-Tool...